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March 28, 2008

It could be argued, successfully I think, that I started this blog as a reaction to getting banned at Uncommon Descent some time ago… maybe a month ago? I do not remember.  Anyhow, I am annoyed at those folks: they don’t do good science over there, and should be called on it.  I can’t do that any longer, but I can still comment on the vacuous nonsense being spewed by the Creationists of UD.

Tribune7 said of the Cambrian Explosion:

“…most of the major forms of complex life appeared almost simultaneously about 530 million years ago.”

Right.  The Cambrian Explosion lasted nearly 50 million years. Almost simultaneously is not accurate. Creationists seem to think that the Cambrian events blow a hole in evolutionary theory. Now, I’m not saying that Tribune7 thinks like this, but it made me think about this particular distortion.  

The Cambrian rocks, for reasons unknown to us, have a very good preservation record.  Conditions were right to allow the fossilization of more tissue types than, say, the Mesozoic.  Life may have been quite diverse before the fossilization conditions changed.  If this is true, then the “explosion” will have taken even longer.

Additionally, hard body parts show up in the Cambrian, soft tissue doesn’t fossilize well, and this most certainly accounts for the “sudden” radiation of creatures.


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