Game Conversion Day: Colonial Gothic

March 29, 2008

I’m devoting much of my day to converting Colonial Gothic to the Hero System.  I intend to focus my efforts on creating an American Bestiary and defining various East Coast Tribal mythology in Hero terms.  The plan is to concentrate on Abenaki myths, and then deal with the Lenape.  This is a subject I know little about, so it will be fun and informative.

Updates on progress below the fold:

Skills and Knowledges are done.  This was the easy part.  It was little more than deciding what CG means by “Skill” and creating the Hero Designer Prefab for it.

Weapons and Gear are finished… On to Characters.

One thing that bugs me about the original rules is that it applies different stat modifiers to Native Americans and those that are adopted by them. For example, Natives get extra STR and CON (in HERO terms) and Adopted get extra INT and EGO.  Why is this?  Amerindians are just as smart as any European, with the exception of Tech Level.  Very Odd.


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