Darwinian Fascism? WTF?

March 28, 2008

Darwinian Fascism? WTF?
Over at Uncommon Descent, DLH has just composed a steaming pile of crap for us to step in this morning.Fitna vs Expelled – Is Islamofascism similar to Darwinian fascism?There is no such thing as Darwinian fascism! I’d be over there right now, explaining the difference between good science and bad science, but that I was banned from UD after implying that some folks think Jesus is due to return “any second now.” I looked around, and some folks beleive this, so Screw you, Davescot.

Ahem… Where was I? Oh, yes… The secret commandment of so-called Darwinian Orthodoxy is this: Do. Good. Science.

I’m sorry, guys, if I’ve let the cat out of the bag there, but there it is. If you don’t do good science (and ID is very bad science, if anything) you don’t get to play. If you only raise c. $22000 for your school, you don’t get to play. You rig a publication, you don’t get to play. You knowingly and incorrectly apply basic statistics to “debunk” the most eloquent and tested theory of the past 160 years… you don’t get to play.

I was gonna write about Pulsar Planets, but DLH annoyed me. Maybe tomorrow.